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Passionate About Inspiring Others



"No more bad days, only bad moments" means we will not let a bad moment ruin our day.  We can never get today back so we focus on the positives, we enjoy the present moment, and remember that we are stronger than we believe.       -Dylan

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This wasn't always my lifestyle though, there was a time when I desperately needed help. I was crippled with anxiety, depression, hurt, and feeding my addiction daily. Without the support system of family and friends helping me when I needed it the most, wouldn't be here today. At the young age of 20, I suffered a traumatizing motorcycle accident that left my right arm paralyzed.  My life continued to spiral out of control for a few more years until I hit rock bottom.


Desperate to find a way out I started on this journey of personal growth. The mantra, "No more bad days" became a way to keep moving forward, to find happiness and live a positive lifestyle.


You can change your life by changing your perceptions, taking a deep breath, and putting on a smile. 

Positive Perceptions LLC was created with the purest intention of helping others.  Positivity is contagious and that we all have the ability to chase our dreams if we have the right tools. 


Life is an uphill climb but with the right gear, taking it one day at a time, you will make it to the top.  

My purpose is to help fill your toolbox so you can be prepared for life's challenges as they come your way.  



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