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9-week Positive lifestyle transformation

Shift & redirect the path of your life

Service Description

By focusing on 3 main pillars; the mind, body, and soul this 1 on 1 positive lifestyle training is designed to help you on your journey through life. When you enroll you will be working with Dylan personally to create the best customized plan to help you reach and achieve your life goals. Meeting virtually or in person weekly for 9 weeks to shift your thinking patterns, develop enjoyable exercise routines, and build momentum towards living a happy, healthy, and positive lifestyle. This investment in your future will have you working on yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually giving you the foundation and tools to live the life you are meant to be living. This 9-week training course will include daily self-awareness work designed to help you shift your life in the direction you desire. You will also leave with a new set of self-beliefs and tools to utilize moving forward. This course is right for you if, -You're looking to improve yourself physically, mentally, & spiritually. -You're looking for a deeper understanding of oneself. -You're looking for tools to fight depression, anxiety, stress, & addiction. -You were affected by past traumas. -An accountability partner would be helpful with your goals. -You're looking to instill new habits and thoughts. -You want control of your life again. Do you want to know the best part? You will be starting from wherever you are right now, that exact spot which you're standing or sitting in right now is the perfect starting point. So, lets get started today.

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