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Group Breathwork Experience

Perfect for your team, class, staff, or any group to grow together.

Service Description

The benefits of breathwork sessions range from increased focus, enriched creativity, increased happiness, reduced stress and anxiety, and will boost your immunity. When we come together as a group and practice breathwork simultaneously something magical happens to your group. The bond is strengthened within the group along with an increased sense of camaraderie for each other. With this group breathwork experience you and your group will be led through different breathing exercises and rhythms, coming together as a whole and connecting to each other through harmonious breathing. With verbal ques guiding your experience this easy to follow session is designed for all skill levels. The purpose is to bring the group closer and strengthen the bond of the team. This is a great way to elevate the levels of teamwork and communication within the group. How may you feel after our experience? -Clarity -Alert -Centered -Connected -Calm -Gratitude -Relaxed -Love -Refreshed -Peaceful -Present -Focused

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