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Guided Meditation Experience

Calming your mind while relaxing your body

Service Description

Meditation is the act of focusing the mind to relax, improve inner awareness and make positive mental or physical changes. When the thoughts are racing and relentless meditation is a difficult thing to do, guided meditations are so powerful because it takes the pressure off of you to calm the mind and find peace. Great for beginners and those looking to improve their regular practice. Meditating often has many health benefits such as a better pain tolerance, improved memory, better sleep quality, improved immune system, and better coping system to deal with stress more effectively (physical, mental, and emotional). This guided meditation breathing session is for all skill levels and can also be booked as group sessions. How may you feel after our experience? -Calm -Centered -Content -Relaxed -Refreshed -Peaceful -Present -Focused Benefits of Meditation -Reduces stress -Controls anxiety -Promotes emotional health -Enhances self-awareness -Lengthens attention span -Improved sleep -Helps control pain -Decreased blood pressure -Accessible anywhere

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