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Keynote Motivational Speaker

Virtual or in person talks on living a "No more bad days" lifestyle

Service Description

Whether you're looking for a virtual or in person speaker, you're looking for positivity, passion, enthusiasm, and authenticity. You're looking for authentic powerful stories and life lessons with a smile. You're looking for easy to follow steps to leave a lasting impression on your audience. You're looking for ME! I bring my emotion, purpose and passion to my speeches by helping others live a "No more bad days" lifestyle. By showcasing hard work, a never give up attitude, and an appetite for chasing bigger than life dreams I fully embody my message. With action driven presentations designed to inspire your listeners so they can put these ideas into practice immediately. Specialized speech topics -Steps to living a "No more bad days" lifestyle. -Power of positive perceptions in our daily life. -Road to recovery, an alcoholic's story on how we do recover. -Overcoming adversity, living life with a paralyzed arm. -Facing fears, how to chase down dreams that scare us. -Journey to becoming an Ironman With the ability to deliver a variety of messages to multiple audiences you can work with me to tailor a speech specifically. I enjoy working with directors and event organizers to help ensure the most impact possible with my message. Please contact me below so we can talk more about how I may be of service to you and your team.

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