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Personal Breathwork Experience

Deep breathing breathwork session to shift physical & mental states.

Service Description

This 90 minute personal guided breathwork session is going to target your physical and mental states by focusing on deep breathing techniques. Breathwork is scientifically proven to affect your heart, brain, digestion, and immune system. The benefits of deep breathing will help you lower stress levels, blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. This powerful guided breathwork session will leave you feeling physically grounded, relaxed, and rejuvenated. You will also feel a sense of clarity, calmness and awareness mentally. This is recommended for all skill levels. If you have experienced past traumas, are going through life transitions, looking to lower stress, anxiety, depression, fight addictions, and to take a look inward this deep breathing session can be extremely beneficial in your recovery. You will enhance your inner connection to yourself which will help you on your journey forward along with helping heal past trauma. How may you feel after our experience? -Clarity -Alert -Centered -Connected -Calm -Gratitude -Relaxed -Love -Refreshed -Peaceful -Present -Focused

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