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Helping you experience


As a personal coach, breathwork instructor, & motivational speaker



I am Dylan Howley a motivational speaker, coach, friend, one-armed Ironman triathlete, and a family man. 


As a proud recovering alcoholic, I have taken my dreams of helping others and turned it into a reality. By sharing my life experiences, I founded The Lefty Cycles Project Inc (TLCP), a nonprofit organization geared towards putting bikes in the hands of those in recovery. My passion for helping adults, children, and families on their journey revealed we are stronger together.


 A Connecticut native, I am happiest when spending time with those I love, enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature, and sharing my passions with others.


How I Can Help You

Speaking, Coaching, & Breathing

Helping others on their journey through life is not only my passion, but also my purpose. Specializing in motivational speaking, breathwork, and positive lifestyle coaching. I am on a mission to help others live a "No more bad days" lifestyle, showing that it is possible, and that anything is possible. Sharing lessons learned from professors, masters, authors, and life's lessons in a fun and relatable way. Utilizing easy to repeat techniques designed to help you get through tough obstacles and take control of your thoughts, actions, and perceptions. Supporting you while you shift into alignment with your hopes, goals, and dreams so you can take on anything life throws at you. 

Don't see an option that suits your current situation?  Let's chat to see how I can help you on your journey.


Where I Can Help You

Virtually or in person  

Offering Virtual options through zoom along with In Person options. Elevate Healing Arts Center located in Cromwell Ct is my home away from home and hold offerings from 1 on 1 up to groups as large as 20. Taking my practice on the road is common as i am able to come to your place of business or residence 

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